Metaverse: What it is, how it relates to design, and the role architects play

Metaverse: What it is, how it relates to design, and the role designers and architects play

The metaverse is closer than we think! Designers and architects in the metaverse play a huge role in it!

This new dimension has been part of our lives for some time, whether we are aware of it or not. Although awareness of this new concept is relatively low, more and more industries and companies are starting to use the Metaverse. Why so? To attract new customers and create new user experiences.

So what exactly is metaverse?

Explained as simply and understandably as possible, the Metaverse is a virtual world that incorporates various forms of communication such as virtual reality, 3D avatars, videos and other channels, giving the user the opportunity to experience this universe with almost all their senses! In this way, the user becomes more than a simple spectator; he can create and develop a “second life” in the Metaverse and interact with other users who are part of a specific experience through avatars.

As some of us know, the purpose of the Metaverse, namely entertainment (video games), has evolved and is now focused on creating a virtual reality workspace, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained. He added, “The best way to understand the Metaverse is to experience it for yourself, but that’s a little harder because it does not fully exist yet.”

Looking ahead, the Metaverse will completely change the way businesses and consumers interact with certain products and services; it does so to a lesser extent, it is already doing so. Although until recently, the technology of online shopping technology and that of traditional shopping were very separate, because in the online universe, it was not possible to interact with and try out the products/services offered by companies, Metaverse is expected to change that in the future.

So it will be the environment where these two worlds, which until recently were separate, merge to create an experience as close as possible to the traditional one, while maintaining the comfort factor! Among the most prominent global companies that have turned to the Metaverse and continue to develop new technologies to provide consumers with the most realistic experiences possible are Google, Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, Apple, Adidas, Amazon, Nike, NVIDIA, etc.

Metaverse and interior design

Metaverse is a term that is increasingly being used in the interior design industry. It’s a concept that designers and architects will increasingly identify with in the future. Thus, the Metaverse acts as a digital frontier for designers through which they can create unique experiences based on the connection between people and spaces, objects, shapes, etc., using virtual reality. Clients can “live” in the architect’s or designer’s long-dreamed-of project for a time, allowing them to see their needs and preferences more concretely until the actual build is complete.
Another advantage, of course, is the execution time of a project. While in traditional architecture and interior design, it can take years to turn the concept into reality, in the Metaverse, it is much faster, and you have the opportunity to experience what it means to live in the longed-for house.

(We are) designers and architects of the metaverse

In the metaverse, design is everything. Therefore, interior designers and architects must always ensure that the object or service is identical to reality so that it can be brought to life!
On the other hand, users must always feel that the service they are trying out or the object they are testing is tangible for the virtual experience to be successful.
With the help of advanced and cutting-edge technology, designers and architects can take into account all five basic human senses when creating a design using animation and 3D design software. Transforming a project from a concept into something that can be felt, touched, and perceived with almost all senses through design, so that it is as close to physical reality as possible is the most important task for designers undertaking projects in the metaverse.

Another extremely important point is that the audience is captivated by and interacts with the designs created in the virtual world. Therefore, when designing a product or service in the metaverse, designers must always keep the target audience in mind so that the product or service is properly positioned and captures the interest of users so that they eventually buy it.
Last but not least, the minds behind these designs must always guarantee that they are as complex as possible and work smoothly! The experience must be consistent and simple to navigate through all virtual worlds and give the impression of a well-told story.

Raymond and partners in the metaverse

If you are wondering what we can do as an interior design and architecture firm in the metaverse, the answer also lies in the power of design! So we use our creativity to design spaces and sensations, and this time we use our knowledge to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the physical, real world. From architectural structures to virtual products, NFTs, private and entertainment events, product launches, ceremonies, trade shows, and so on, we have the ability to take your business from concept to reality at metaverse.

Using WebVR technology and other advanced software, our designers and architects create a virtual world where you can interact with Raymond and Partners’ various architectural and interior design projects. But that’s not all. Thanks to the constant development of design skills and the use of these advanced technologies, our team goes beyond the creation of project galleries, namely the design of a new complementary world full of imagination and constant innovation for different ecosystems in the crypto-universe!

Even though the metaverse is still a vague term for many of us whose meaning we do not fully grasp, this new technology has already begun to assert itself as the next leader in the digital economy! The reason is that the metaverse transfers technology from the virtual world to the physical world, enabling experiences that are almost identical to the real world.

Many companies are still in the early stages when it comes to using this technology, but the future sounds promising for those who are evolving in this field, always aware of the latest trends and phenomena and adapting their way of working to them, which includes Raymond and Partners! We can not wait to unveil more projects in this new and innovative branch of our business, and we look forward to having you along on our journey through the Metaverse!

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