Promenade Amphitheater – Fagaras, Brasov


Recreation for all!


One of the main objectives of this project was to create a recreational and entertainment space for all citizens of Fagaras, from small to large.

Although it has not been used for a long time, this amphitheater has existed since the communist period and has been used for various recreational activities since then.
An original project envisaged the construction of an outdoor amphitheater to strengthen the community of Fagaras. The architecture is based on a semi-circular shape, with spectator seating at different heights in the upper part so that everyone participating in the show is visible. The spectator area opens to a large stage with unique cubic stone surfaces.


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Project type:


Design Director:

David Raymond


The materials used in the design of the theater arena represent a mixture of natural influences and urban style. 

For example, the auditorium area was built with concrete steps on which wooden benches are placed in a warm color and with appropriate finishes for greater comfort. The entire arena is surrounded by a railing that provides safety and esthetically enhances the project thanks to the contrasting color tone. The destination will be a place of recreation and entertainment, hosting various outdoor cultural projects throughout the year, such as concerts with historical themes, theater, and other activities.

  • Land surface: 330.00
  • Street furniture: 6 benches, 4 dustbins
    Lighting: 6 sconces, 68 ml. LED strip
  • Year: 2021

Special zones:

  • Theater arena
  • Cultural projects
  • Relaxation area