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Real Estate Immersive 3D Solutions

Complete pack for real estate developers and constructors. Showcase 3D animations and a real-time, interactive configurator on the web with the power of custom-built applications and AI life-like consultants
Powerful tools to give potential buyers a dynamic and immersive experience, allowing them to explore and personalize their properties before construction.

Real-Time Keyboard Activated Configurator

We offer an interactive configurator for various types of buildings, enabling customers to personalize their design simply using a keyboard. With limitless possibilities, buyers can change furniture, chromatics, appliances, and many more, making the building their own and tailoring it to their needs and preferences.

Real-Time Voice Activated Configurator

Voice command technology is a well-known tool for simulating voice-activated intelligent objects within a home. We harness this technology and implement it into our configurators to recreate, to the most significant degree, the authentic experience of a smart home before construction.

Real-Time AI Consultant

The AI consultant acts as a digital twin of the real estate agent, offering instant access to information and promptly answering queries about the building from anywhere in the world at any time. Leveraging generative AI technology, our products ensure effortless integration for all projects, guaranteeing a seamless experience.

Interactive Real Estate Explorer

The interactive explorer is one of the most influential tools for property sales. It gives customers an immersive and dynamic navigation experience, allowing them to explore every apartment or room in detail. Moreover, it empowers developers to know effortlessly when a unit was booked for purchase.

Architectural Visualization

Still images anAnimation takes it a step further, unveiling the project's story in a dynamic and engaging manner. With fluid motion and realistic effects, we captivate viewers, revealing every detail of the project's design and layout.

Digital Marketing Content

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in the process of selling properties. Our ready-to-use products are designed for effective marketing strategies and guarantee substantial sales growth through their powerful capabilities and impactful visuals.

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Real-time Immersive Configurators

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